It’s a little dusty in here.

So, it’s been quite some time since I posted. Not that anyone is reading this to know that lol. DragonCon has come and gone and what an amazing weekend that was. I got pictures with some awesome celebrities and hung out with friends old and new.

Next up was Necronomicon in October, another smashing success, and one I should write about (that’ll be another post).

My newest thing I’m going to start doing is posting my book reviews here. I do some ARC reading for a couple of authors and this seems like a good place to post those reviews, as well as reviews on other favorite books, so look for that in the near future.

For now, I gotta get to a meeting at work. I’ll try not to wait 6 months to come back and post lol.

Getting ready for Dragon*Con 2017!

So, at the end of the month I’ll be joining several friends and driving up to Atlanta for Dragon*Con. This will be my 4th time attending (first was in 2004) and I’m looking forward to it. We’ve gone in together on a couple of picture ops with Nathan Fillion and Stan FREAKING Lee. How awesome is that?

The hardest part, for me, of planning ahead for the con is arranging what I’ll eat. Since I can’t have anything contaminated with gluten, I’m making plans for bringing all my own “ready to eat” rations. I’d love to go and not have to worry about what I eat, but sadly I can’t do that. Two years ago I ate Thursday night in the hotel restaurant, after talking to the chef about my food issues. Food tasted fantastic. Friday morning I was in line for a panel when disaster hit and I had to forsake my place (I’d been in line for 90 min at that point) and make a mad dash to the bathroom. Sadly I was alone in line so there was no one to hold my place. By the time I was feeling better the panel was full. I’m not taking that chance this year dammit. Too much fun stuff I want to do.

If you’re going to be at Dragon*Con look for us in the parade on Saturday morning. Heck, even if you’re not there, I think I read they’re making Dragon*Con TV available online so you might be able to watch it from the comfort of your air conditioned home. We’ll be there as Josie & The Pussycats, on our reunion tour. Fun times.

I’ve also made up some cool business cards to advertise Necronomicon that we’ll be handing out and putting on freebie tables. I still can’t believe there are fandom people in the Tampa Bay area who’ve never heard of Necronomicon. Hell this is our 36th year. We need someone to come volunteer to run our marketing campaign for us and get the word out. We’re a fun, smallish, not-for profit convention. We have literary guests (rarely media ones) and raise money for the local charity group Kids and Canines.

Granted we’re no Dragon*Con, but we don’t have enough club members to run something that huge lol. We’re always looking for new club members/volunteers. We have no dues, you just come to our monthly meeting/gathering/social event and hang out. Bring food, you’re a member for life. Volunteer to work 10 hours at the convention and get your membership refunded, not a bad deal.

So, back to  Dragon*Con, I’m looking forward to meeting old and new friends. I’ll get to see Kevin Graizer for the first time in many years, and I’ll be meeting Melissa Olson in person for the first time (Woo hoo)

I’m also thrilled that John Cusack is going to be there! I’m bringing a copy of Gross Pointe Blank and hope to get in line for an autograph.  I’d bring Better Off Dead but I keep hearing he HATES that movie, so I will avoid that.

I’m also still considering some other group photo ops, we’ll have to see as we get closer. I don’t want to spend all my money before the con, want to be able to shop in the dealer’s room too 😀

Anyone else out there going to be at  DragonCon too?

GamerChyk and Prplcheez

Coming soon to a Twitch Stream near you! Mother and Son game stream. I’m sure we won’t be the first (or last) to do this, but I can promise it’ll be the only with us! 😀

You can follow Prplcheez Gaming on both Facebook and Twitch.

First up we plan to stream the new Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4. I still have to decide ultimately which character I’m going to play. They don’t have Rogue, so I was sad. But they do have Psylocke, Kitty Pryde and some other awesome Marvel females. Prplcheez will most likely be playing Squirrel Girl, and really, who can blame him?

We’ll stream on his Twitch station, so make sure you subscribe/follow so you get notified when we play. I’m guessing it’ll be in the next week that we get ramped up and get our schedules worked out. Hope to see you online!


Living Gluten Free


For anyone who’s ever been told you have to change your diet to be gluten-free, you know what a challenge it is. Luckily, here in the Tampa Bay area, we are lucky to have Gluten Away.  They are located at 3350 Ulmerton Road, Suite 13 in Clearwater.

In addition to hosting events, they also rent out their facility for your own gluten-free events! How awesome is that?

If you’re on Facebook be sure and join their gluten-free support group.

Today I attended one of their Gluten Free Sample Saturday events. For $10 you can come out and sample a variety of gluten-free products/recipes from their sample stations. You also receive a goodie bag that you are able to fill up with some great take home samples. My favorite thing I sampled today was their gluten-free turkey meatloaf! They’re going to be using that in their upcoming cooking class. It was so delicious I can’t wait to have that recipe.


Here’s some of the free samples I came home with today:IMG_8055




A special offer today, sign up for their only gluten-free support group and receive a free product from Bella. I opted for the Chocolate Chip Cookie mix.


Today I picked up a number of free recipe cards and some information on their upcoming gluten-free cooking class where you can learn to make that delicious meatloaf.IMG_8060

Coming up in July Gluten-Free School! I’ll be signing up for this.IMG_8061

Know others who are facing a gluten-free diet? Please share the information about Gluten Away, they’re not just for local people, they have lots of online resources as well.

Thanks, have a great day!

Confessions of a non-gluten eating girl

First, to all my friends and family who try to prepare foods that I can eat, thank you. Please please please do not be offended if you see me not eating the food you have provided at whatever gathering we are at. It’s not meant to be an insult. Yes, I know you took the time to make your recipe with no gluten in it, so I should be able to dive right in and eat it, right? Sadly, I can’t take that risk. I’ve done so in the past and wound up sick for three days. What you might not understand about being unable to digest gluten is that it’s not just if the ingredients are gluten free, the pots/pans/plates/utensils have to be as well. Plus some ingredients (seasonings, sauces, etc) can have ingredients you might not even realize are gluten containing. All it takes is one plastic spoon that’s been used with non gluten-free pancake batter to stir your gluten free dish and there’s a possibility of cross contamination.


What Foods Have Gluten?

Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley and any foods made with these grains.

Avoiding wheat can be especially hard because this means you should avoid all wheat-based flours and ingredients. These include but are not limited to:

White Flour
Whole Wheat Flour
Durum Wheat
Graham Flour
Wheat Germ
Wheat Bran
Common foods that are usually made with wheat include:

Flour Tortillas
Oats (see the section on oats below)
This may seem like a long list, but there are still plenty of gluten-free foods out there! Choose from many fresh, healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, dairy, nuts and gluten-free grains like quinoa or rice. There are also gluten-free versions of many of the foods above available in most grocery stores. You just have to look for them!

Gluten Surprises

You may not expect it, but the following foods can also contain gluten:

broth in soups and bouillon cubes
breadcrumbs and croutons
some candies
fried foods
imitation fish
some lunch meats and hot dogs
modified food starch
seasoned chips and other seasoned snack foods
salad dressings
self-basting turkey
soy sauce
seasoned rice and pasta mixes
There are also many addititves and ingredients in packaged foods that may contain gluten. Always check labels and ingredient lists for these. For a more comprehensive list of gluten-containing additives, contact your local celiac support group.

Other Tips to Remember

Don’t forget that ingredients in food products change frequently, so always check the label before buying packaged foods.
Remember that “wheat-free” does not automatically mean “gluten-free.” While a product may not contain wheat, it can still contain rye or barley in some form.
If you have any question about whether a food contains gluten, contact the manufacturer directly.

The Fuss About Oats

Pure oats are a gluten-free food, but most commercially processed oats have been contaminated during the growing, harvesting or processing stages. In the past, many experts recommended completely avoiding oats those on a gluten-free diet in addition to wheat, barley, and rye. Now, some oats are grown and processed separately, and can be labeled “gluten-free.”

Many people with celiac disease are still advised to avoid oats initially. However, oats can help provide fiber and other important nutrients. Over time, most people with celiac can reintroduce pure oats in small amounts (about 1/2 cup of dry oats per day) without any trouble.

(end article)

So, as you can see, it’s not a walk in the park to be gluten free, there are so many foods out there that can be dangerous to someone with Celiac Disease.

Again, thank you for taking the time to try and make gluten free food for me, but please know that while I appreciate the effort, it’s just not worth the risk for me. My kitchen has two sets of everything, one set for my son to use with things that have gluten, and my set that never gets touched by gluten. It’s just how it has to be. I’d much rather be able to go out and eat whatever is placed in front of me, trust me.

Gaming Registration now open!

Gaming registration for Necronomicon 2016 is now open on our site. has been updated. I found out today that I put the dates wrong on the site, but that will be fixed tonight. Whoops. Necronomicon is October 28-30, 2016 (Friday-Sunday). All game masters who sign up to run 10 hours will get a refund of their membership at the convention after their shifts are over. Gaming will open at 3pm (first sign up sheets go out at that time) with the first games launching at 4pm. Gaming is open non-stop until 4pm on Sunday. We have 4 rooms available for games to be scheduled and expect to have between 100-150 before the convention weekend starts.

Megacon vs Necronomicon Tampa Bay

Yesterday it was announced online that Megacon was coming to Tampa. Whoo hoo, right? Well, normally I’d be all for a new convention coming to the area. But in this case, I’m not. Why? Well, let’s go back in time. 35 years ago a local fan group started a small convention that we know as Necronomicon. I first attended this convention back in 1987 and loved it. I’ve not missed a single day of this convention since that first weekend. In 1989 I met my future husband at the convention when I approached him at the midnight dance and asked him to dance. A year later, at that same convention, on the dance floor, he asked me to marry him (I said yes). In 1992 we began helping to run gaming and eventually took it over and have been running it ever since.

Necronomicon is not a large convention, but it’s one that is run entirely by volunteers and we do it because we love this con. We have anywhere from 700-1200 people each year. We support a fantastic local charity called Kids and Canines and donate between $5000 and $10000 each year to them. We’re a not-for-profit convention, and we can’t do it without the fans who come each year.

Flash forward to yesterday. Several of our regulars messaged me about this big announcement that Megacon had in their program book in Orlando this week. They’re coming to Tampa to the Convention Center…October 28-30, 2016 with some HUGE names, namely David Tennant. That’s AWESOME…BUT wait, Necronomicon is that same weekend at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa. We’ve had these dates already booked for over 3 years. Someone asked me, “Can’t Necro just move to another weekend?”. No, we can’t, we have signed contracts for those dates, so for good or bad, we WILL be on the same weekend as Megacon Tampa Bay.

I liken this a little to the movie “You’ve Got Mail“. We are the small local bookstore (fitting as we have authors as our guests of honor most years) and Megacon is the big box store that’s coming into town and looking to put us out of business. Now, I’m not saying they picked that weekend with the intention of hurting a 35 year old convention, but even if it wasn’t done with malicious intent, the results will be the same. This will hurt us. I just hope it doesn’t kill us.

I love Necronomicon, it’s like a big family reunion each year. Some of the people we see there each year, we only see that one time, but it’s such a feeling of home coming to walk into the hotel and see all those familiar faces. I can’t even envision a year without this event.

Several people have made comments that we’re two totally different events and it shouldn’t hurt us. I really can’t see how that would be possible. Hell, I’d want to go to Megacon Tampa if it were any other weekend. I’d love to see David Tennant in person, I’m a HUGE Doctor Who fan and he’s one of my favorites. Even if half of our members just decide to go to Megacon one day, that is a lot of money out of our convention, a convention that relies on that membership to support our charity and to continue to run each year.

Maybe we could get everyone to write to David and tell him about Necronomicon, maybe we can get him to come drop in and see our little convention while he’s here, wouldn’t that be a hoot?

I really really don’t want to see Necronomicon die because this huge convention, with deep pockets and big name actors, comes and sets up shop on the corner of our town, basically across the street from us, on the same date.

We’re just now gearing up to launch the gaming department for this year, including working on a webpage redesign. With it being our 35th anniversary we’re planning all kinds of fun surprises and events and want this to be a fantastic convention.

Want to see who all will be at our con? Check out

Our main guests of honor this year at Necronomicon are Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due. We’re also excited to have fan favorite (and my personal favorite) Timothy Zahn returning again this year.

If you’ve not been to Necronomicon, it’s a great convention for your money. Pre-register for only $40 for all three days. We have trivia contests, talent shows, kid’s programming, costume contests, tons of gaming (usually 100-150 table top games over the 3 days and no additional fees to play) and LARPs (no additional fees), LAN room (no fee to play), panels, autograph sessions, fully stocked Con Suite (hospitality room) with food/drinks (no fees), Friday night beer tasting party (no fees – see a trend here?), dealer’s room and art show (fees to buy of course), Ice cream social, ending ceremonies with a lot of free stuff given away and much much more. We’re like a family reunion of 1000 people, come for the events, stay for the friendships you develop. The advantage to a smaller convention, you don’t feel like you’re a small fish swimming upstream, you can get into the events that you’re interested in without having to stand in line for hours ahead of time.

Be sure to check out our local charity Kids and Canines that we support each year.

Feel free to share this blog and help get the word out about our small convention. Help us fight against the big boys who would put us out of business without even knowing we’re here.

Heather Dryer – Necronomicon Gaming Director

This post was made during a bout of insomnia at 4am in the morning, I make no promises to the clarity of my rambling thoughts.


It’s a Trap!

Today hubby and I ventured to Winter Park, Florida to do our “beta” test for the new/upcoming adventure game It’s a Trap ( We participated in their Kickstarter and for our donation we received two tickets to come try it out and give our feedback.

They’re still working on putting everything into place, doing lots of updates to the building it looks like, in addition to working on the scenario rooms.

Hubby’s only “negative” is that he thinks it would do much better if it were over on I-Drive in the middle of all the other tourist attractions. I think it has the potential to do well where it is, with the right advertising and word of mouth. It’s not too far away from a gaming store (we passed by but didn’t have time to stop) and I think it has a lot going for it.

Now, I’m not going to post anything with spoilers, as that just wouldn’t be right. So, feel free to read on with no worries that I’ll ruin it for you.

For those who don’t know what “It’s a Trap” is, the concept is you and 7 others are “locked” in a themed room and you have 1 hour to get out (you’re not really LOCKED in, it’s just part of the immersion). You win by finding clues to solve puzzles, open boxes, decode riddles, etc.

On their website they currently list 4 different “games” you can choose from. They have two fantasy and two that are zombie apocalypse themed. The one we did was the apocalypse type one, and boy was it fun.

Not only are you searching the room trying to solve the clues, there’s actually interaction from an actor who helps you to get into the storyline and really slip into character in the adventure.

In the first few minutes, I felt a little awkward trying to be someone I’m not, which is odd, since I am a GamerChyk after all. But I quickly got into it, talking back and forth with the NPC (non player character for the non RPG people…..Role Playing Game lol).

Hubby and I raced to find clues and with a couple of nudges from the NPC we managed to solve the final puzzle with 1 minute to spare and emerged victorious.

I can not recommend this experience enough. What a fun time. I can’t wait for them to open officially so we can try out the fantasy scenarios too.

Be sure to visit their website to check out the 4 listed games, oh, and my understanding is that these games will change periodically, so don’t worry that once you go 4 times you’ll be done and know how to do them all. From what I read they plan to change out the games to keep it fresh. I want to play them all! Wonder if they’d consider an annual pass, or multi visit pass in the future, hmmm.

Oh, and I’m not being paid for my blog, I didn’t get anything for free, I’m not affiliated in any way with “It’s a Trap”, I’m just a GamerChyk who found out about them on Facebook and jumped in on the Kickstarter they offered.

If you try them out, I’d be interested in your thoughts/opinions.

You can also find them on FB at

Until Next Time

Where to begin?

Welcome to my first ever blog. Why did I start it now? Who can say, but here we go!

I’m a self proclaimed GamerChyk and Anime fan. Yep, I love to game and I watch Sailor Moon. Deal with it 😉

I game with friends, I game at conventions and I get up at 6am every 1st & 3rd Saturday to watch Sailor Moon Crystal.

This blog is just a way for me to let off some steam, maybe share some of the things I love, and who knows, maybe entertain someone if anyone ever sees this page. It could happen.