It’s a Trap!

Today hubby and I ventured to Winter Park, Florida to do our “beta” test for the new/upcoming adventure game It’s a Trap ( We participated in their Kickstarter and for our donation we received two tickets to come try it out and give our feedback.

They’re still working on putting everything into place, doing lots of updates to the building it looks like, in addition to working on the scenario rooms.

Hubby’s only “negative” is that he thinks it would do much better if it were over on I-Drive in the middle of all the other tourist attractions. I think it has the potential to do well where it is, with the right advertising and word of mouth. It’s not too far away from a gaming store (we passed by but didn’t have time to stop) and I think it has a lot going for it.

Now, I’m not going to post anything with spoilers, as that just wouldn’t be right. So, feel free to read on with no worries that I’ll ruin it for you.

For those who don’t know what “It’s a Trap” is, the concept is you and 7 others are “locked” in a themed room and you have 1 hour to get out (you’re not really LOCKED in, it’s just part of the immersion). You win by finding clues to solve puzzles, open boxes, decode riddles, etc.

On their website they currently list 4 different “games” you can choose from. They have two fantasy and two that are zombie apocalypse themed. The one we did was the apocalypse type one, and boy was it fun.

Not only are you searching the room trying to solve the clues, there’s actually interaction from an actor who helps you to get into the storyline and really slip into character in the adventure.

In the first few minutes, I felt a little awkward trying to be someone I’m not, which is odd, since I am a GamerChyk after all. But I quickly got into it, talking back and forth with the NPC (non player character for the non RPG people…..Role Playing Game lol).

Hubby and I raced to find clues and with a couple of nudges from the NPC we managed to solve the final puzzle with 1 minute to spare and emerged victorious.

I can not recommend this experience enough. What a fun time. I can’t wait for them to open officially so we can try out the fantasy scenarios too.

Be sure to visit their website to check out the 4 listed games, oh, and my understanding is that these games will change periodically, so don’t worry that once you go 4 times you’ll be done and know how to do them all. From what I read they plan to change out the games to keep it fresh. I want to play them all! Wonder if they’d consider an annual pass, or multi visit pass in the future, hmmm.

Oh, and I’m not being paid for my blog, I didn’t get anything for free, I’m not affiliated in any way with “It’s a Trap”, I’m just a GamerChyk who found out about them on Facebook and jumped in on the Kickstarter they offered.

If you try them out, I’d be interested in your thoughts/opinions.

You can also find them on FB at

Until Next Time