Sailor Moon and where to watch

Sailor Moon Crystal

Have you heard? There’s a new Sailor Moon series, AND you can once again watch the original 90s show online as well.

Each month on the first & third Saturday you can watch new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal for free online at the following sites (official sites)




With Hulu Plus you can watch the episodes on devices other than just a desktop. With a paid CrunchRoll you don’t have commercials. I also signed up for a free account on Nico and watched the episodes subtitled there as well. 😀

If you haven’t read the manga, I highly recommend it. The new series more closely follows the manga, which I like.

Sailor Moon

Each Monday Hulu adds two “new” classic episodes of the subtitled anime for your viewing pleasure:


Sailor Moon Live Action

Next up I recommend the Sailor Moon Live Action series. I never in a million years thought I’d enjoy it, but I really did. It’s very different from the original series, the manga and Crystal, so it stands on its on.

Yep, I’m an addict. What can I say.

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